SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) — Hundreds marched to Mayor Sam Liccardo’s home
on Friday afternoon, bringing their demands to the mayor’s doorstep.
Their message: Divest in the police and invest in the community.

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7 thoughts on “061820

  1. Keep up the good work.
    I see you purposely started an exchange that will have members providing input that typically seldom or never would. Good move.
    Many of the names on that list bring back wonderful memories. When I first started working mid B-18 Pete Guerin worked Mid B-20. Wonderful person and we were assigned a Sgt with whom I had no previous contact and knew nothing about. I believe he was newly promoted hence midnights for one of the not so young members of the Dept. Merle Johns (not on the list). Merle was classically understated, had a dry sense of humor, and proved to be very sharp. We learned a lot from that man. Miss them both.

    1. My thoughts, exactly. Memories for us old guys keep us going! I’m working on a complete list. Wheatley said he had a contact at city hall for a complete list. Will look forward to his reply.

  2. Leroy and Bob,
    Thank you for a great paper. If we check with city personnel, that might have lots more. Do you want mw to check?
    Tom Wheatley

    1. That would be much appreciated. Bill had a contact at city hall for that type of info, but when I called I got the run around and not help.
      Look forward to what you can get!

  3. Leroy,

    I sent you 6-7 names that Moir had left off! What happened to them? Probably many more…………

    Bill Wiskel
    Ollie Kramer
    Anne Moore
    Chuck Blackmore
    Rich Cadenasso
    Hank Chamness
    Dick Hunter
    John Kregel
    Mike Lowry
    Bill Mitchell

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