Ken Leong Update

Day #23
Ken was transferred to the Medical Covid Unit today as he no longer needs Intensive care services. Praise God and his mercifulness. Ken knows that it is through all the prayers and the skill of the healthcare staff that he has survived this horrible ordeal. He needs to have another negative Covid 19 test before he is considered virus free but he is on his way to recovery. For those who know Ken, he is pretty stubborn and wants to escape the hospital NOW but he still is pretty weak and short of breath. He continues to need physical and occupational therapy to gain his strength back. So if he calls any of you, please don’t “extricate” him as he has asked me and several others multiple times today! 🤣 He is back and in rare form!!!
God is great!

Day #26 Ken is attempting to form his posse for the great escape! While the spirit is ready to flee the hospital, he physically is not ready to leave…he needs to continue working on building up his stamina and oxygen needs. The doctor hasn’t given me a discharge date yet but if you ask Ken, he will say he’s leaving tomorrow…..NOT! He truly is a miracle. God is great! Thanks for continuing to keep him in your thoughts and prayers! 💕


Leroy.. you may not know that I always had a dog in my life ..from the age of 5 up until today…They are of great companionship as you know. The dog in my life now is BEBE, she is a pit-bull / blue-tic hound mix..She has been with me to all of my motocross racing these last few years. 

The foto of her on my motorcycle was taken of her at LACR raceway by a unknown fellow rider. and was sent to me (what a surprise) The rear of my race van(gmc 350 cube van) had a step. Many times I would park my bike next to it ether after or before a race and often BEBE would get out of the truck and sit on the seat or on my pit chair until I would return. As all proper dog owners she is loved by myself and my wife. hope you enjoy the fotos. (I have the ashes of my other dogs saved and to be placed with mine when the time comes)

(Bob Kosovilka)

BEBE The Pup

More Bebe

Who had a birthday in April?
There was no meeting, of course,  but if you had a birthday in April you can send me a pic. Look like you are having fun getting older, lie about your age if you like. (Only your friends will know:-) You can always send a nice photo and not depend on what Ernie or Lumpy might have sent!

Hard to believe that I’m that old but I remember all on this list. How many do you remember?
What’s your number?






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17 thoughts on “041620

  1. If I really though anyone read this damn thing I would leave a reply.

  2. Well, what about : Roy Rogers and Dale, Hopalong Cassidy, Lash Larue, The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Cisco Kid and Pancho. Oh yes, Arthur Godfrey. All good stuff! Oh yes, and they delivered blocks of ice for the “Ice Box” to keep stuff cold.

  3. How about Blue Chip stamps and their books. And don’t forget Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans? After the milk bottles came the Hoppalong Cassidy milk cartons to tie in with his Saturday Hoppy hour.

  4. What ever happened to Flub-a-dub?
    Was Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring a virgin?
    Who was Phineas T.? Fogg?
    Was Clarabell for real?
    Were you related to Buffalo Bob?

  5. morning and afternoon newspapers,,
    garbage pickup where the truck had two men on the rear platform, they would carry a large can down the driveway and dump our trash into their can and go back to the truck,
    burning leaf piles in the gutter
    most stores closed on Sundays, so the parking lot of Sears (San Carlos-Race) became great go-kart race track

  6. One of those fortunate folk who lived with all 17.
    Milk bottle stoppers we hoarded and played a gambling game at school during recess.
    Our party line had 8 households on it.
    My 1st grade year I attended a one room schoolhouse composed of all 8 grades
    and I’ll bet the old maid school teacher was not yet 25.

  7. Hi Leroy,
    I remember all 17 (unfortunately). We used to drink the sugar water then chew on the wax bottle like gum. We also had the Helms Bakery truck come around each week where we would get our bread and maybe a donut if we hadn’t screwed up lately (didn’t get many donuts). Stay safe.

    1. I remembered all, and the bakery truck in Florida. Florida is where we found an extra treat when the city crew came by to fix the potholes. From the back of the truck we’d snack a piece of tar to chew on!

  8. That is all well and fine but if you don’t remember Sky King, you were not really paying attention….
    And speaking of Sky King here are a couple of Trivia Questions?
    1. What was Sky King’s airplane named?
    2. Who was his side kick who drove a jeep?
    3. What was the name of the jeep?
    4. Sky King had a niece that was with him a lot in the show, what was her name?

  9. Hello Leroy,

    Reference the Do You Remember section, I can remember 15 of the 17 items. Regarding Howdy Doody, I was a member of the Peanut Gallery in the early 50’s because we were living in New Jersey at the time.

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