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June 10, 2017

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by Gary Johnson

June 9th

Shortly before Memorial Day, Daveís doctors changed some of his medications. Almost immediately, Betty Ruth noticed changes in Dave and contacted his doctors. She was assured that it would take some time for his body to get acclimated to the new medications and that she would soon see improvement. Dave continued to become weaker and unable to walk, even with the use of his walker. He would not eat or even drink liquids, and appeared to be constantly fatigued. He was sleeping pretty much all of the time.

On May 29th, Betty Ruth and a friend took him to the VA hospital in Palo Alto, where he was admitted for testing and treatment. They determined that it was most likely the new medication and stopped giving it to him. At times, he could respond to questions, but still slept almost constantly. On Wednesday, May 31st, he woke up, was responsive to questions and could carry on short conversations. They had originally talked about discharging him to go home, however, due to the fact that he can still not walk, even with the assistance of a walker, it was decided to move him to a rehab facility.  

On June 7th, Dave was moved the Vasona Creek Healthcare Center at 16412 Los Gatos Blvd. in Los Gatos. Dave can have visitors and enjoys keeping up with his SJPD family. He always asks what is happening, and in classic Dave-style, he always asks if there is anything he can do for us!! Dave loves to hear from us and is very appreciative of all of the birthday cards and wishes that he received.  

Please continue to keep Dave and Betty Ruth in your thoughts and prayers.  They love that more than anything! If you want more information, please feel free to email me at
<> or call/text me at (408) 807-6809.

Gary Johnson

(Bill: itís OK to publish my contact  info; Iím too old to kidnap for ransom!)


June 9th

On Sunday June 4, at approximately 2120 hours Reserve Officer Philippe Rebboah was involved in a major injury accident off duty. He was traveling on Hwy 87 at Capitol Expressway when his vehicle hit an unknown object in the road. It was severe enough that he pulled to the side of the highway and exited his vehicle to inspect the car for damage. While outside of his vehicle two other vehicles hit the same object. This caused the two vehicles to veer off the road with one vehicle striking Officer Rebboah.

Philippe suffered several broken bones including a broken clavicle and pelvis. He is lucky to be alive. Philippe is at Regional Medical Center, Rm 3130, and accepting visitors.

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery,

Sgt. Dave Wilson #3316
San Jose Police Reserves Director