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May 30, 2013


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Badge #33
(Roy retired prior to the changeover
from 2-digit to 4-digit badges.)

Born June 15, 1925
Appointed Nov. 16, 1947
Retired Mar. 1, 1974
Died May 24, 2013

In addition to other health issues, Roy was fighting Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease when he passed away in his sleep last Friday at about 4:00 a.m. in a San Jose Rehab facility where he had been residing. (Dementia is a symptom, and Alzheimer's Disease is the cause of the symptom.) The two were responsible for Roy's passing, according to his wife, Laverne.

A Celebration of Life is scheduled for a week from this coming Sunday — on June 9th — at the POA Hall, starting at 2:00 p.m. Refreshments will include wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee, hors d'oeuvres and light snacks served by POA caterer Johnny Nguyen. Chaplain Jim Becknall will be officiating as Chaplain Bridgen and his wife, Betty Ruth, will be in Hawaii on a long-planned vacation.

Friends who would like to send Laverne and the family a sympathy card should mail it to 2433 Hedding St., San Jose, CA 95128. No e-mail address is available.

All PBA members are encouraged to read the Open Message that follows Roy's obituary below, which will be published in the Mercury News starting this coming Sunday.

• • • • •

Estiel "Roy" Garringer

June 1925 — May 2013

Roy passed peacefully with his loving family at his bedside on May 24th, 2013. At his side was his wife of 67 years, Laverne, and their children; Kathy Heywood of Tahoe City, Bill Garringer of Hollister, Val Garringer of Murphys, and Scott Garringer of Sacramento. He also is survived by 8 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren and his devoted dog, Buddy.

Roy was a retired SJPD officer and Sergeant for 27 years and a US Navy Veteran of WW II. After retirement from the SJPD, he and his wife Laverne, along with his twin brother Ace, opened and operated "Hoosier Cabinet Antiques" in Willow Glen for 10 years.

He enjoyed his golf and was proud of his 2 holes in one. He also loved his time at his cabin at Lake Pillsbury (which he built himself), and spending time with family and friends.

A Celebration of his life will be held Sunday June 9th at 2:00 pm at the SJPOA Association Hall at 1151 N Fourth St, San Jose, CA 95112. Reception to follow.
Memorial donations may be made to the SJPD Chaplaincy, 471 E Santa Clara St. San Jose, Ca. 95112.

• • • • •

An Open Message

The Police Benevolent Association (PBA) is a social and fraternal organization that was formed to remember the days of the San Jose Police Department as we recall them, when we were proud members of the Department. With the PBA 350 members strong, it is nearly impossible for every member to know each and every other member, yet there is a camaraderie that binds us all. As with all tight knit organizations like the PBA, it is important that we show support to the surviving family when a member passes away. That support can be shown by attending the funeral or memorial service for the decedent. Members as well as friends and former coworkers are encouraged to participate along with their spouses.

Thank you,

Robert Moir, Sgt. at Arms, SJPBA




We found nothing to report this week.



POA President Jim Unland is requesting that all members click on the Protect San Jose link below and join the over 500 people who have signed the petition demanding that the San Jose Metro newspaper stop making money off the adult escort business.

Sign the petition, then distribute to your email contact list and post to your Facebook page!

You can use the POA's address to sign:

1151 North Fourth Street, San Jose CA 95112



• • • • •

This excerpt from last Sunday's I.A. column in the Mercury News ties in with the POA Membership Alert above...

Prosecutor Calls on Metro to Drop Sex Ads

Mercury News — May 26, 2013

For as long as we can remember, the alternative weekly Metro newspaper and website have been filled with ads for escorts, massages, spa treatments, adult bookstores, gentlemen’s clubs and other services for the lonely guy. We couldn’t offhand recall whether this bothered Santa Clara County prosecutor Chuck Gillingham before.

But it bothered him enough last week that he led a San Jose news conference with gay-rights activist Wiggsy Sivertsen calling on Metro Executive Editor Dan Pulcrano to “stop providing a means for others to sell girls and boys for sex,” particularly through online outfit Backpage.com.

“It’s an online brothel,” argued Gillingham, who has prosecuted sex crimes and lectured about human trafficking in communities as far away as Asia. “I spent years fighting this throughout the world, and here it is in our county.”

Pulcrano refused Gillingham’s demands to drop the ads — hey, a man’s got to eat. Moreover, he asserted that the presser was merely a transparent attempt to intimidate and silence his paper for articles criticizing politicians tied to politically powerful unions. Metro stories exposed former Santa Clara County Supervisor George Shirakawa Jr.’s criminal expense account and campaign fund misuse. Since Shirakawa’s resignation, the paper has criticized Cindy Chavez, now running to replace him.

“They don’t want to see investigative journalism in this county,” Pulcrano said. “What better way to create a distraction than to stage an artificial news conference two weeks away from the election.”

Sivertsen is co-founder of BAYMEC, which has endorsed Chavez. And Gillingham is rumored to be weighing a run next year against his embattled boss, District Attorney Jeff Rosen, who has been accused of ethical breaches by the union that represents his prosecutors, which also has contributed to Chavez’s campaign.

Both Gillingham and Sivertsen denied that they were trying to strike back at the newspaper. Gillingham said San Jose officers, worried about the proliferation of prostitution in San Jose amid police department cutbacks, drew his attention to the ads.

For columnist Scott Herhold’s take on all this, see Page 1B.

~ ~ ~

This is the Herhold column from last Sunday's paper referenced above...

~ ~ ~

Deputy DA Jockeys for Shot at No. 1

By Scott Herhold, Columnist
Mercury News — May 26, 2013

One of the most famous scenes in the movie “Casablanca” occurs when Claude Rains, playing the police captain, orders Rick’s night club closed. When Rick demands to know why, Rains says, “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here.” I was reminded of that scene as I watched snippets of the news conference held Wednesday by Deputy District Attorney Chuck Gillingham to ask that the weekly Metro stop running ads for escort services.

Gillingham contended that the ads, which are sponsored by a company called Backpage and are available by clicking through Metro’s online classifieds, promote the exploitation of young boys and girls.

“It’s obviously prostitution,” he said. “If we’re concerned about child exploitation, maybe we shouldn’t have these things.” Metro Editor Dan Pulcrano has branded the news conference as an attempt to divert attention from the weekly’s investigative stories about county government, which have lambasted ex-labor leader and supervisorial candidate Cindy Chavez.

“It’s no coincidence that this occurred on the day our issue came out with very damaging information about how the South Bay Labor Council hijacks nonprofits for political campaigns,” he told me.

Why now?

What’s really happening here? First, let’s concede that Gillingham has at least some purchase on the truth. Metro does make money from smutty ads, though the percentage of Backpage ads that involve trafficking is probably very small.

But Metro has profited from those ads for years, as have other valley sites. So it’s legitimate to ask why the issue is arising now. And why is the attack aimed at Metro?

In many ways, the quest for a moral edge shapes our local politics. In 2006, Chuck Reed wrapped himself in the shawl of reform to beat Chavez. In 2010, Jeff Rosen ran for district attorney on a platform of restoring ethical judgment to the office.

Metro has sullied the image of Chavez through a sometimes hard-to-understand series of stories about her role with the Santa Clara Family Health Foundation. Gillingham, meanwhile, tried to tarnish Chavez’s foe, Metro, and threaten its financial fabric. The former Stanford football star, who has prosecuted sex crimes and is now in the gang unit, told me that political ambition played no role in his smut crusade. But he knows as well as anyone that appearances matter in politics.

More than a citizen

When he sends out a news release from his private email and claims to be acting just as a concerned citizen, he’s going beyond his role as a prosecutor. He’s sounding very much like a man who wants to run for district attorney against Rosen.

In a move that sets himself up as a leader of lawyers inside the office, Gillingham has also invited prosecutors to attend a fundraiser this week on behalf of Troy Benson, a deputy district attorney who must cover court costs despite a largely successful hearing before the state bar. Is Gillingham “shocked, shocked” that Metro is running smutty ads? No more than Claude Rains was at gambling. In the quest for a moral edge, however, he revealed last week that he wants to compete.

Contact Scott Herhold at 408-275-0917 or
<sherhold@ mercurynews.com>. Follow him at <Twitter.com/scottherhold>.



Last Week's Poll Results

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We received an e-mail from Hank Schriefer <hankonie@comcast.net> last weekend that included a message he had received from Lyle Hunt. It dealt with the retired Captain's health. Since Lyle isn't a Farsider subscriber, we replied to Hank and asked that he check and see if it was OK to pass along the info. Hank wrote back and said that Lyle had given us the green light...

May 26th

Dear Friends:

I thought I would take the opportunity to bore you with my recent health episodes. I suffered a stroke, CVC or seizure on 4 May that resulted in one week at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital in Grass Valley, then immediately to San Jose for therapy. While signing up for therapy, a second episode occurred that landed me in Good Sam Hospital in SJ for a week. Several tests disclosed a tumor in the brain area, but only on the surface. It was removed completely without any damage, no speech loss and no loss of motor control. All in all I am back to normal, whatever that is. How fortunate!  I am out now with nothing more than a sore skull. I am sending along a stupid poem. My apologies, but I had to do it.

Love you all,

(Hunt) <phantum1@att.net>


Fortunately, Joyce & Steve
On the shower floor
Found me there
I stood no more

To Sierra Nevada
Is where I first went
One week there
A stroke event

Immediately after
To San Jose
Therapy there
A daughter’s home stay

To Mission Oaks
For a therapy plan
An outstanding facility
Part of Good Sam

My son takes me there
For therapy to enroll
While doing this
A second stroke’s toll

911 called
No question of doubt
An EMC ambulance
For a hospital route

To ER first
The obvious space
To best determine
That which has taken place

Test after test
Protocol galore
Analysis being done
To see what’s in store



9th Annual Bobby Burroughs Folsom BBQ   

The Lew Howard Pavilion
7100 Baldwin Dam Rd.  
Folsom, CA 95630

Saturday, June 1, 2013
Time 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Lunch at 12:00 PM
Meeting right after lunch.

Food Choices:
Tri-tip or Chicken

(Please make your selection when signing up)

$5 for members
$5 for spouse
$5 for non-members and kids over 10
Free for kids under 10

Sign-Up Now On-Line Here:

Directions from I-80 in Roseville, CA

I-80 to Douglas Blvd., east on Douglas Blvd. Go approximately 5.1 miles to Folsom Auburn Blvd. Turn right and go 4.1 miles to Oak Ave. in Folsom (there is a McDonalds fast food on the corner). Turn right on Oak Ave. and go approximately 0.4 miles (the road ends). Turn right on Baldwin Dam Rd. You will see the Lew Howard Memorial Park Arch. Go under the Arch and drive to the top of the hill where the picnic grounds are (approximately 0.3 miles). You have arrived.

Directions from I-50 in Folsom

I-50 to Folsom Rd. Exit. Take Folsom Rd. 2.4 miles and cross the American River Bridge. At this time the road name changes to Folsom Auburn Blvd. Continue 0.8 miles to Oak Ave. You will see a McDonalds fast food restaurant on the left corner. Turn left on Oak Ave. and go approximately 0.4 miles to Baldwin Dam Rd. Turn right and you will see the Lew Howard Memorial Park Arch. Drive straight through to the top of the hill and you have arrived.



 The Board of Directors of the Keith Kelley Club is gearing up for this year's Summer Barbecue. It will be held on Wednesday, June 5th, at the Elk's Lodge at 444 W. Alma and starts at 1500 hours.

All retired Keith Kelley Club members attend free of charge. This is a stag affair; guests are not allowed. There will be sausage with garlic bread served at the start of the festivities. Dinner will feature Filet Mignon, Chicken and Ribs, Salad, Beans, Bread and plenty to drink.  A Taco Bar will open at 8:00 p.m. serving Carne Asada, Chili Verde, Tortillas and Salsa.

This will be a great time to enjoy good company and food while you unwind and have fun! We will have Keith Kelley Club T-shirts for sale for $15 each.
If you have a question about the barbecue or your membership, please contact me.
Margie Thompson
<sssq@aol.com> or 408-891-3760
Office Manager, Keith Kelley Club



Meyer Weed added a new posting to his/her blog yesterday entitled "How Low will the City Go?" To review it, click on the link below...




Mmmm good...

Last week I discussed the rip-off of donuts from the Gingham Girl donut shop. I call it a rip-off because the Desk Sergeant didn't receive his end-of-the-day donut contribution from Gingham's to go with his coffee, thus he felt "ripped off."

Also during SJPD's golden years the Dept. opened and operated a substation on Story Rd. near Knox. This facility was nothing more than a well-worn three-bedroom residence with a family room, kitchen, two-car garage that had been converted to a meeting room. The bedrooms had been turned into offices for assigned personnel. Amenities included a fireplace in the living room and a backyard with a patio and barbecue area. (Hang on; this is not a sales pitch.)

The facility was sold to the community as a place of refuge as well as a venue to transact certain types of police business. It also served as the Crime Prevention and Community Relations units until the end of the day shift, when it was commandeered by the surrounding beat units. Herein lies the connection to the Gingham Girl Donuts, albeit a loose connection.

Located about a half-block east of the substation — at Story and Jackson — was a successful Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise. At the end of their business day it became part of the store's closing routine to pack up the unsold chicken in the famous red-and-white buckets and bring them to the substation for the officers to enjoy. What wasn't consumed was stashed in the fridge for the day shift crew. On some occasions so much chicken accumulated that buckets were transported to Communications for the dispatchers to enjoy. And we're not just talking about chicken. On training nights at the Colonel's chicken house, small individual chocolate and vanilla pies prepared by the new hires also found their way to the Substation. Combined with the donated chicken, the pies made nearly complete meals for the single cops and those on an especially tight budget because of their newly acquired single status.

These details of the early days of the Story Rd. Substation have thus contributed another branch to the folklore of the San Jose Police Department. They also reinforce the old adage that an army does in fact travel on its stomach, and that donuts are not a cop's only bad habit.



The facts behind the legends, information and
misinformation that has or may show up in your inbox

Can anger over a bad golf shot result in death?
(See "Worth a Second Look" below...)

New Articles

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• An 18-year-old high school student was arrested on terrorism charges over material he posted on Facebook.

• Have Hyland's Teething Tablets been recalled for causing seizures in children?

• Has accused Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hasan continued to draw his Army salary while awaiting trial?

• Does Delta Air Lines prohibit Jewish passengers and Bibles on all their flights due to an alliance with Saudi Arabian Airlines?

• Photograph purportedly shows a house painted in protest by its owner after being barred from displaying a U.S. flag in his yard.

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Large or Full YouTube Screen? You make the call.

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With apologies to you Rachel Maddow fans, we received some requests over the past few weeks from a couple of male readers who had trouble finding "The Girls on Fox News" song in the Archives to include it once again. (It was in the Feb. 28, 2013 Farsider.) They didn't have to ask us twice. (4 Mins.)


• • • • •

Former First Lady Barbara Bush talks about her husband's problem with socks. To give that sentence meaning you need to watch this clip. (3 Mins.)


• • • • •

Spoken words are not needed for this lesson about the universe. Just pay attention, then ask yourself what the odds are of intelligent life existing somewhere else in the cosmos? (2 Mins.)


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So how do we know the English Bulldog in this clip we received from Stan Miller is watching Family Guy and not C-SPAN? Beyond the fact that the title of the clip says she is, Family Guy happens to be "Bullet's" favorite show. Had the TV been tuned to C-SPAN she would no doubt be snoring and slobbering all over the couch. (1 Min.)


• • • • •

Sharon Lansdowne thinks the bear in this video is real. We, on the other hand, are pretty sure it's Chris Christie in a bear suit. What say you? (3 Mins.)


• • • • •

News reports would have us believe that the housing market is coming back and that there has been an appreciable rise in the value of existing homes. To check this out I went to Zillow.com, just like I did at the beginning of the year. Compared to what Zillow said my Fremont home was worth in January, its estimated market value has increased by $35,000. If you want to see what Zillow says about your home (or your friend's digs if you are the snoopy type), click on the link below and enter an address...



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Last week we included a superb performance by dancers of the Great Chinese Circus to Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake." This week we have a talented couple performing Tchaikovsky's "Sugar Plum Fairy" on what they call their Glass Harp. Have a listen. (3 Mins.)


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Dirk Parsons acknowledges that while he doesn't SCUBA dive, this short video still freaks him out. It's titled "Man vs. Propeller." (2 Mins.)


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Here's a tip for you Republicans: E-mail this clown who suggests that the Govt. may have used a secret "weather weapon" to create the Oklahoma tornadoes and demand that he disassociate himself with the Republican party. His name is Alex Jones, and he makes Rush Limbaugh sound like Chris Matthews. (5 Mins.)


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Leroy says this new bill is the perfect answer to the Social Security, Medicare and National Debt. problems — that it's something many Americans can sink their teeth into, especially those who wear dentures. (2 Mins.)


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Knowing first-hand how important naps are to most of you, we thought this lullaby clip from Bruce Morton might make for a suitable ending for this week's Farsider. If you enjoy it and are still awake when it's over, you should find links to several other "Modern Mom" animal videos on the right side of the page. (2 Mins.)


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Pic of the Week

This is the new Internet craze known as "Cat Bearding?"


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