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May 15, 2014


Bill Mattos, Editor and Publisher <bilmat@comcast.net>
Leroy Pyle, Webmaster <leroypyle@sjpba.net>


The Farsider is an independent publication that is not affiliated with the San Jose Police Benevolent
Assn. The SJPBA has allowed the Farsider to be included on its web site solely for the convenience
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In the Line of Duty 


For details about our eleven fallen — including the panel number on
the Memorial Wall bearing their names —  click on the links below...

Morris Van Dyck Hubbard

John Buck

John Covalesk

Richard Huerta

Robert White

Henry Bunch

Bob Wirht

Gordon Silva

Gene Simpson

Desmond Casey

Jeffrey Fontana

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We also pause to remember our former friends and coworkers:

(Alphabetical by last name:)

Former Officer David Adams
Retired Officer Virginia Adams
Retired Sergeant Harley Adams
Retired Reserve Officer Dave Aguilar
Officer Tom "Wings" Alexander
Retired Officer Jim Aligo
Retired Secretary Doreen Amburgy
Retired Sergeant Andy Anderson
Retired Sr. Police Data Spec. Beverly "Jill" Anderson
Retired Officer Frank Ankenbauer
Retired Officer Dick Anthony
Retired Captain Joe Azzarello
Retired Reserve Officer George Argall
Dispatcher Teresa Arruda
Lieutenant Cecil Ayer
Retired Sergeant Bill Bailey
Retired Sergeant Buck Ballard
Retired Officer Gordon Ballard, Sr.
Retired Sergeant Jim Barnett
Retired Officer Ernie Barozzi
Retired Lieutenant Terry Bauleke
Lieutenant Arnold "Arnie" Bertotti
Retired Sergeant Curt Bishop
Retired Sergeant Tony "Ants" Biskup
Retired Sergeant Don Black
Retired Police Chief John N. Black
Retired Police Chief J.R "Ray" Blackmore
Retired Sergeant Terry Blackwood
Officer John Bledsoe
Retired Officer Bill "Curly" Bond
Retired Sergeant Ron Bondi
Retired Officer Richard Boone
Retired Officer Bud Bosque
Retired Officer Harold Bounds
Retired Sergeant Curt Brandt
Officer Delia "Dede" Bravo-Carney
Retired Sergeant Dave Brickell
Retired Officer Richard "Rocky" Bridges
Retired Police Records Clerk II Wanda Brooks
Retired Captain Bill Brown
Retired Sergeant Gene Brown
Former Officer Phil Brown
Retired Police Chief William Brown
Retired Officer Gordon Bruce
Retired Sergeant Ralph Brune
Sergeant John Buck
Officer John Buck, Jr.
Former Officer Runyon A. Buckalew
Retired Sergeant Lloyd Buffington
Former Typist Clerk II Betty Burk
Retired Sergeant Chuck Burde
Retired Sergeant Bobby Burroughs
Retired Dispatcher George Burton
Retired Officer Wilbert "Ed" Bush
Officer John Cahill
Officer Mike Caldarulo
Retired Officer Johnny Calderon
Retired Sergeant Bill Campbell
Retired Analyst Kathy Campbell
Retired Officer Art Campos
Former Officer Dan Campos
Retired Assistant Chief George Cannell
Retired Senior Dispatcher Alice Cano
Retired Sergeant John Canuel
Retired Sergeant Charles "Charlie" Cardona
Retired Records Clerk Velma Cardona
Retired Officer Gilbert "Bulldog" Cardoza
Former Fiscal Officer Bob Carlsen
Retired Sergeant George Carter
Retired Assistant Chief Joel Carter
Retired Sergeant Glen Castlio
Former Sergeant Hal Chapman
Retired Alviso Chief Pat Chew
Former Officer Steve Chesley
Police Data Specialist II Rosemarie Christensen
Retired Captain Bob Cleary
Retired Reserve Chief George Cochern
Retired Chief of Detectives Bart Collins
Former Officer Billy Collins
Retired Lieutenant John "Jack" Collins
Retired Sergeant Anthony "Tony" Colón
Retired Dispatcher Jimmy Compton
Retired Sergeant Joe Conversa
Police Data Spec. II Marilyn Cordes
Retired Sergeant Jim Cornelius
Sergeant Julian Covill
Retired Police Data Specialist Lillie Cox
Retired Officer Andy Crawford
Retired Officer Bill Creamer
Retired Reserve Officer Chuck Crowell
Officer Alejandro “Alex” Cruise
Retired Officer Betty Cunningham
Retired Officer Marvin "Marv" Curtiss
Retired Sergeant Larry Darr
Retired Officer Don Davis
Retired Senior Identification Officer Pete DeLuca
Retired Deputy Chief Don "D.O." DeMers
Retired Deputy Chief Howard Donald
Retired I.D. Technician Peggy Donald
Assistant Police Chief Ross Donald
Retired Sergeant Ron Dowling
Retired Officer Bob Duffy
Officer John Duncan
Retired Sergeant Leo Dunn
Officer Pete Dupont
Retired Sergeant George Dwyer
Retired Sergeant Hugo Edes
Supervising Public Safety Disp. & Res. Dep. Chief Stan Edwards
Retired Reserve Officer Phil "Duke" Ellington
Retired Officer Paul Elorreaga
Former Sergeant Bob Emerson
Retired School Crossing Guard Winnie Emerson
Retired Officer Lou Emery
Retired Sergeant Jim Emmons
Retired Officer Walt Emery
Retired Officer Anton "Rich" Erickson
Sergeant Gerald "Gerry" (and Carroll Ann) Erickson
Retired Officer Richard "Dick" Erickson
Retired Sergeant Joe Escobar
Retired Sergeant Dave "Porkchop" Evans
Former Officer Mitch Fagan
Officer Joe Falcao
Retired Sergeant Roy Farley
Retired Lieutenant Bob Fazio
Former Legal Adviser and Reserve Officer Royce Fincher
Retired Officer Roger Finton
Retired Sergeant Fred Flesner
Retired Comm. Supervisor Beatrice "Bea" Fletcher
Officer Bill Fletcher
Retired Reserve Officer Robert Flinn
Retired Police Records Clerk Maxine Fontes
Officer Tom Fowler
Retired Typist Clerk II Frances Franco
Retired Airport Officer Ross Frantz
Retired Officer Don Franzino
Retired Reserve Officer Glenn Fudge
Sergeant Gordon Fujino
Retired Secretary Sally Funkhouser
Retired Sergeant Walt Gadsby
Retired Dispatcher Claire Gallagher
Retired Data Specialist Marietta Games
Sergeant Paul "Beans" Ganshirt
Senior Account Clerk Darleen Garman
Former Reserve Officer Ray Garringer
Retired Sergeant Roy Garringer
Retired Messenger Clerk Salli Gathers
School Crossing Guard Jan Gephart
Retired Sergeant Ken Geppert
Retired Sergeant Hans "Westgate" Gerdts
Retired Lieutenant Bill Gergurich
Former Officer Cliff Gerlach
Retired Police Records Clerk Nina Gillette
Retired Officer Will Givin
Retired Senior Office Specialist Fran Goff
Former Crime Data Analyst Mara Graves
Retired Officer Ray Gray
Retired Secretary Ruth Grayson
Retired Captain Leon Green
Retired Captain John Guerin
Retired Sergeant Mike Guerin
Retired Sergeant Pete Guerin (Sr.)
Retired Sergeant Lovell Guptill
Retired Sergeant Stan Hall
Retired Captain Lewis "Lew" Haller
Retired Police Records Clerk Betty Hanson
Retired Lieutenant Stan Hardman
Retired Dispatcher Ken Harness
VOLT Volunteer Bob Harris
Officer Marty Harris
Officer Tom (and Judy) Harris
Retired Captain Charles Hartell
Retired Officer Joe Haslemann
Retired Officer Jim Healy
Retired Sergeant Al Heiken
Retired Sergeant Jim Hellam
Retired Deputy Chief Eusevio "Ike" Hernandez
Retired Lieutenant Kenny Herrmann
Retired Policewoman Janet Hickey
Retired Typist Clerk Rae Hildebrand
Retired Lieutenant Art Hilscher
Retired Dispatcher Betty Hixon
Retired Sergeant Jim Hober
Retired Sergeant Fred Hoffman
Retired Officer Vern Hoffman
Retired Officer Chuck Hogate
Retired Captain Mel Hornbeck
Former Sergeant Howard Hornbuckle
Retired Assistant Police Chief Stan Horton
Sergeant Steve Howard
Officer Art Huckabay
Retired Captain Lyle Hunt
Former Police Woman Eunice (Long) Huntwork
VOLT Volunteer Diana Hurst
Officer Ray Ireland
Retired Police Data Spec. II Shirley Louise Jackson
Retired Senior Analyst George Jacobson
Former Sergeant John Jaeger
Retired Sergeant Merle Johns
Former Reserve Officer Alfred "AJ" Johnson
Retired Captain Tom "TJ" Johnson
Officer James "Tim" Jones
Retired Sergeant Ken Jordan
Retired I.D. Technician Betty Keiser
Officer Keith Kelley
Senior Police Records Clerk Verna Kennelly
Former Officer Mahlon Kent
Former Sergeant Gus Kettman
Retired Sergeant Don Kidder
Retired Secretary Bernice King
Retired Officer Steve Kirkendall
Retired Deputy Chief Elmer Klein
Retired Analyst II Dick Kleiner
Retired Officer Dick Knell
Sergeant Ted Korth
Retired Officer Vic Kosik
Airport Officer Dick Kountz
Retired Lieutenant Floyd Kuehnis
Retired Photographer John Lancaster
Retired Officer Ken Lanch
Officer Carter (and Marsha) Langdon
Officer Jim "Red Dog" Larson
Former Officer Jerry Law
Retired Sergeant Ray "The Deacon" Lee
Former Officer Larry LeFall
Retired Dispatcher Ralph Libby
Officer Charles "Chuck" Lintern
Retired Sergeant Bob Lira
Retired Sergeant Dave Longaker
Account Clerk II Marion Lopaus
Retired Officer Dan Lopez
Retired Officer Herman Lorenz
Retired Officer Mike Lowry
Former Officer Dave Luna
Retired School Crossing Guard Johanna Machado
Retired Sergeant Bill Maddox
Public Safety Dispatcher II Keao Mai
Former Reserve Officer Tim Malley
Typist Clerk II Beth Malnburg
Retired Sergeant Jim Manthey
Sergeant Elliott "Tiny" Mars
Former Sergeant Floyd Marshall
Retired Sergeant Jay Martin
Retired Dispatcher Jean Martin
Reserve Officer Pete Martin
Retired Airport and Reserve Officer Bob Marotz
School Crossing Guard Eleanor Maruca
Retired Disp. Thaddeus "Tedd" Casimer Matusiewicz
Retired Officer William Mauldin
Senior Police Data Specialist Frances McCabe
Retired Captain E. Dale McCay
Retired Sergeant O.D. McClinnan
Retired Sergeant Earl McClure
Former Officer Garth McCormick
Retired Lieutenant Glenn McCourtie
Sergeant Mark McDaniel
Retired Deputy Chief Ed McKay
Retired Deputy Chief Bill McKenzie
Former Officer Brian McNamara
Police Property Specialist Tarr Mehary
Retired Officer Bob Meheula
Retired Lieutenant Lloyd Meister
Lieutenant Ed Melz
Retired Office Specialist II Chris Mendoza
Senior Police Records Clerk Shirley Merrill
Retired Sergeant Liz Michaelsen
Retired Sergeant Art Miller
Retired Officer Dorothy Miller
Retired Sergeant Herb Miller
Retired Sergeant Jess Miller
Former Officer Steve Miller
Former Sergeant Carl Mills
Officer Jose "Joe" Molina
Retired Sergeant Charles "Chuck" Molosky
Retired Officer Ann Moore
Retired Lieutenant. Bruce "Blue Eyes" Moore
Retired Sergeant Don "Santa Clara Sam" Moore
Retired Assistant Policewoman Sharon Moore
Officer Rogelio "Roger" Moreno
Retired Exec. Admin. Secretary Bonnie Morganthaler
Retired. Chief Dispatcher Ron Morrill
Retired Police Records Clerk Ruth Morrison
Retired Dispatcher Antoinette "Fi Fi" Morse
Retired Officer Ken Morss
Retired Officer James Morton
Retired Sergeant Gene Moss
Retired Sgt. John Mosunic
Retired Officer Fred "Moon" Mullins
Retired Officer Pat Murphy
Retired Sergeant Charles Murray
Retired Chief Communications Dispatch Ron Murrell
Retired Chief Dispatcher Hank Murtha
Retired Officer Len Myers
Retired Sergeant Tom Nagengast
Retired Typist Clerk II Amy Nagareda
VOLT Volunteer Marynell Naughton
Retired Officer Annie (Hally) Navin
Former Officer Glen Neece
Former Crime Prevention Spec. Marlin "Cotton" Neufeld
Retired Sergeant Rex Newburn
Reserve Officer Jack Nichols
Retired Police Data Specialist Helene Norman
Officer Alvey "Al" North
Retired Dispatcher Linda Norwood
Former Reserve Officer Terry O'Connell
Former Officer Tommy O'Connell
Retired Sergeant Dexter O'Day
Retired Officer James O'Day
Retired Dispatcher Ed "Radio Ed" Oiseth, Sr.
Retired Secretary Carolyn Page
Retired Police Records Clerk II Phyllis Papa
Former Officer David Parbst
Retired Officer John Patrick
Former Sergeant John Percival
Retired Sergeant John Periman
Retired Lieutenant Fred Petersen
Retired Dispatcher Shirley Petersen
Retired Steno Clerk Carole Peterson
Retired Sergeant Courtney "Court" Peterson
Former Sergeant Arthur "Art" Philpot
Retired Officer Joe Pinkston
Retired Police Data Specialist Betty Poe
Retired Sergeant Bill Poelle
Retired Lieutenant Dave Pollock
Retired Typist Clerk II Charlene Poole
Retired Captain Eddie Pracna
Retired Officer Dante "Dan" Provasi
Park Ranger Todd Quick
Retired Typist Clerk II Phyllis Quirley
Former Officer William Radunich
Retired Officer Frank Rafferty
Retired Sergeant Lloyd Ralston
Retired Officer Anthony "Tony" Ranada
Retired Latent Print Supervisor Ken Raney
Retired Secretary Pauline Rasmussen
Retired Sergeant Hal Ratliff
Senior Steno Clerk Constance Ravenstein
Retired Police Data Spec. II Carlotta Redmond
Sergeant Richard "Rich" Reyes
Retired Sergeant Jack Richards
Retired Officer Ed Ricketts
Retired Office Specialist Clara "Marie" Roberts
Retired Records Supervisor Maggie Roe
Retired Officer Chad "Coach" Rolston
Retired Lieutenant Steve Ronco
Retired Police Data Spec. II Dolores Rosamond
Retired Officer Dennis Rosario
Officer Miguel "Mike" Rosas
Retired Officer Tony Russo
Retired Identification Officer Bernice Sadler
Officer Juan Salcido
Retired Officer Dwight Salsbury
Retired Police Records Supervisor Connie Sandoval
Retired Officer David Sandoval
Retired Lieutenant Greg Sargent
Retired Latent Print Examiner Vic Sartin
Former Officer Ray Saunders
Retired Officer Charles "Charlie" Schaefer
Retired Identification Technician Frances Schotenheimer
Retired Police Data Specialist Elsie Schrull
Retired Officer Herman Schwandt
Retired Captain Tom Scribner
Retired Sergeant Garyn Scott
Former Officer Ed Sekaquaptewa
Retired P/T Typist Clerk II Regina Sellarole
Records Clerk Gretta Shannon
Sergeant Chris (and Lynn) Shimek
Retired Captain Tom Short
Retired Officer Paul Shuman
Retired Sergeant Bob Silfvast
Retired Senior Police Records Clerk Ruth Silverstein
Retired Sergeant Bob Sims
Retired Dispatcher Ethel Sims
Former Dispatcher Jim Slater
Retired Police Data Specialst II Charlotte Smith
Retired Property Specialist Justin Smith
Retired Sergeant Ron Smith
Retired Lieutenant Ken Stagg
Retired Police Data Specialist II Dorothy Stang
Retired Assistant Policewoman Clarice "Tawny" Stelzer
Retired Officer Mario Stefanini
Retired Officer Dave (Watry) Stengel
Retired Sergeant Joe Stewart
Former Officer LeMoine "Lee" Stille
Retired Dispatcher Howard Stout
Retired Deputy Chief Larry Stuefloten
Retired Sergeant Marc Sturdivant
Retired Juvenile Sergeant Stella Sullivan
Director of Communications Lyman Swan
Garage Attendant Frank Sypert
Retired Lieutenant Larry Tambellini
Retired Officer Frank Tanner
Retired Dispatcher Jim Terra
Retired Lieutenant Jim Terry
Lieutenant Larry Thannisch
Former Sergeant Steve Thatcher
Reserve Captain Cal Thomas
Retired Secretary Nadine Thompson
Former Reserve Lieutenant Greg Thul
Former Officer Forrest Tittle
Retired Reserve Sergeant Sixto "Toby" Tobias
Retired Sergeant Harold "Hal" Toussaint
Retired Dispatcher Ron Townsend
Account Clerk Pauline Trevisano
Former Officer Mitch Ucovich
Clerk Typist Marlene Uyehara
Dispatcher and Reserve Officer Tom Vanderpriem
Former Reserve Officer Ron Tsukomoto
Retired Sergeant Mike Van Dyck
Lieutenant Ernie Vasquez
Retired Reserve Captain James "Jim" Vinson Sr.
Retired Reserve Deputy Chief Julio Viola
Retired Officer Joe Vittoe
Retired Secretary Alice Wagner
Retired Sergeant Seymour "Sy" Wakeman
Retired Officer Maury Warner
Retired Sergent Bob Warrick
Retired Sergeant Lloyd Warthan
Former Officer Vern Watson
Officer Carl Watt (and Wife)
Retired Officer Rich Weiser
Retired Sergeant Bill Wells, Sr.
Retired Lieutenant Merlin "Wheat" Wheatley
Retired Officer Fred Whitley
Retired Garage Attendant Freddie "3-Wheeler" Whitmarsh
Retired Officer Leroy Widman
Retired Sergeant Ron Williams
Former Sergeant John Willis
Retired Lieutenant Jack Wilson
Retired Secretary Maxine Wilson
Former Sergeant Frank Winkler
Retired Officer Bill Wiskel
Retired Sergeant Bill Wittmann
Retired Sergeant Doug Wright
Former Officer William "Sharpshooter" Young




Need we say more? For you first timers, probably yes. May's general membership meeting will get underway at 5:00 p.m. next Wednesday, May 22nd, with the opening of the bar at the POA Hall. The standard buffet dinner will follow about an hour later.



This is the same Bob Brownstein who was featured in last week's "San Jose by the Numbers" video regarding the San Jose pension issue. Click here to view it if you are interested and missed it earlier. His latest article below appeared in last Sunday's paper…

S.J. Pension Reform Failed. Let’s Fix It Right This Time

By Bob Brownstein
Mercury News — May 11, 2014

In San Jose, 2010 and 2012 were years of impressive promises. Elected officials assured residents that a “yes” vote on pension reform would stabilize the city’s finances and restore decimated city services.

Now, it’s 2014, the year of broken promises. The police force has declined as the crime rate escalates. Key provisions of ballot Measure B have been overturned in court. Even after achieving savings from pension reforms, the new city manager calls for $65 million in higher taxes to open libraries, fill potholes and speed up emergency response times.

Yet, astonishingly, despite this glaring evidence, many candidates and columnists still make the same arguments and claims. San Jose residents should view these repetitive pronouncements with skepticism.

Pension reforms are clearly two-edged swords; they can lead to serious losses in public services and neighborhood security that outweigh any budget savings.

Looking forward, pension proposals need to be evaluated according to three criteria: compatibility with the constitution, ability to restore city services and capacity to stabilize city finances.

■ Constitutionality. When Measure B was first drafted, numerous critics insisted it failed to meet constitutional standards. Those critics were right. In a carefully argued opinion, Superior Court Judge Patricia Lucas overturned Measure B’s core provisions.

Today, residents should insist that pension reform proposals comply with the state constitution. If they don’t, much more is at stake than wasting tax dollars on high-priced lawyers.

Creating a viable, legal pension reform plan takes time, and neighborhoods facing dangerously high crime rates cannot afford delays. Unconstitutional provisions have driven hundreds of San Jose police off the force.

More unconstitutional plans mean more years without a fully staffed Police Department.

■ Restoring city services.

They have been badly reduced because the city encountered a fiscal perfect storm — a weak tax base, falling property values, declining tax revenues in the recession and increasing pension costs. In a perfect storm it makes sense to delay additional financial burdens until you reach calmer times.

For pension reform plans, that means spreading costs over a longer period rather than insisting that high costs be paid right now. Surprisingly, columnist Daniel Borenstein has denounced proposals to shift San Jose pension plans to CalPERS in part because they protect the current city budget by moving costs into the future.

Residents should ask themselves: If someone is kicking in your door and threatening your family, which do you care about more — taking a few years longer to pay off pension debt or taking a few minutes less for the police to arrive? At those times, the sight of a patrol car is, to paraphrase the credit card ads, priceless. The “short-term savings” that Borenstein mocks are exactly what may let the cops arrive in time.

■ Fiscal stability. Independent professional actuaries have shown the city’s pension obligations will increase for several more years, peak and then decline. Lawful measures that the city adopted already prevent unsustainable pension costs. The parts of pension reform which drive skilled and experienced staff to seek better jobs elsewhere aren’t needed to avoid fiscal crisis. They can be fixed at moderate expense.

More than anything else, residents must ask: How long should our neighborhoods be underserved and unsafe because city leaders won’t replace pension reforms that aren’t working with different and better ideas?

In Silicon Valley, we can see how quickly Microsoft altered its failing Windows 8.0 operating system.

Why is City Hall still defending its pension reform fiasco, Measure B?

Bob Brownstein is director of policy and research for Working Partnerships USA and was budget director under former San Jose Mayor Susan Hammer. He wrote this for this newspaper.



May 12th

A group of San Jose officers are raising money to help the widow of San Jose's 15th homicide victim. He was shot to death in front of his wife after a road rage incident leaving her without any family in this country and without the only wage earner as she stays at home to care full time for their severely autistic son. The San Jose officers have set up a donation website. Please help spread the word and help this family.


Please click the links below to watch and read relevant news reports:

NBC Bay Area: San Jose Police Helps Raise Money for Family of Man Killed in Road Rage Incident

KTVU News: SAN JOSE: Family of shooting victim receives help from SJPD

ABC 7 News: Fundraiser held for family of SJ homicide victim

CBS SF: San Jose Police Raise Funds For Family Of Man Killed In Road Rage Attack

To make a donation, click here


This is a related story that appeared in Tuesday's paper...

Cops Raise $44K for Slain Man’s Family

By Mark Emmons
Mercury News — May 13, 2014

SAN JOSE — A group of San Jose police officers has raised nearly $45,000 so far in a fundraising drive to help the family of a man who was killed last week in an apparent road-rage incident.

Police released the name of the victim on Saturday as 37-year-old San Jose resident Phuoc Hong Long Lam. He was shot mid-morning Tuesday near the intersection of Tully and Senter roads.

The victim was a hardworking bus driver who put in long hours seven days a week to support his family, according to the officers who are raising money.

Lam leaves behind a wife and two children, ages 7 and 4. The older child has severe autism. They have no other family in the United States, officers said.

The shooting was reported to San Jose police at 10:22 a.m. at Baltic Way, about a block south of the major intersection. Lam, who was shot at least once, was conscious when taken to the hospital, but he died Tuesday evening.

Lam had been driving his pickup truck when he became involved in a confrontation with two men in a silver Volkswagen Jetta on Tully Road, police said. While the vehicles did not collide, the incident escalated to the point where both drivers pulled over to the side of the street. The victim got out of his truck, words were exchanged and Lam was shot.

It was the 15th homicide in San Jose this year. The San Jose Police Department Homicide Unit continues to investigate the shooting and is looking for the Jetta.

Meanwhile, officers launched the fundraising effort, which by early Saturday evening had raised more than $44,000 in online donations. Their goal is $50,000.

Anyone with information about the shooting can contact police at 408-277-4161 or leave a tip with Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers at 408-947-STOP (7867) or with <svcrimestoppers.org>. Staff writer Eric Kurhi contributed to this report.


May 13th

Please click on the links below to read and watch the latest news:

The Daily Fetch: Liccardo's Backers Revealed and They Are Spending Hundreds of Thousands to Elect Him

KGO: San Jose Officers fundraising efforts continue to build momentum as they raise over 57K for the family of a San Jose man gunned down in front of his wife after a road rage incident.

Make a donation here



Last Week's Poll Results

For the most recent Rasmussen Reports releases, click here:



May 12th


Sunday Mercury — along with Marilyn Cordes....listed Reggie Bravo, a longtime SJPD reserve officer. His full-time job was as a teamster union agent. He was an Auxiliary before the unit was renamed the Reserve under the George Cochern era, when the Reserves numbered 350.

(Moir) <robillard1045@gmail.com>

~ ~ ~ 

Reginald Luis "Reggie" Bravo

Jan. 19, 1925 — May 1, 2014
Resident of San Martin

Reginald ("Reggie") Luis Bravo of San Martin passed away on May 1, 2014 at home surrounded by his family. Reggie is survived by his beloved wife Lois of 65 years, two sons Reg and Rick, brother Tony, daughter-in-law Robin, son-in-law Paul, three grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and numerous nieces and nephews.

Visitation Wed., May 14th from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Habing Family Funeral Home in Gilroy. Funeral service Thurs., May 15th at 10:00 a.m. at St. Catherine's Church in Morgan Hill and military funeral honors to follow at St. Mary's cemetery, Gilroy. A celebration of life will be held at Fortino's Winery, Gilroy, immediately following graveside services.

A full obituary can be read here.
Click here to access the guest book.


• • • • •


Fraud Alert:

May 12th

I received an un-solicited call on my home phone from some guy who said he was from AT&T and had a special offer for me. He said that I am paying $36/month for my internet service, which I am. He said that AT&T could reduce that amount to $15.99/month for one year without a contract, and that AT&T would install a new router in my home for no charge. Sounds interesting right? I said what do I have to do to receive this "special offer?" He said nothing and all he needed was to verify my birthdate. There you go, that is the rub. I said not a chance, and the call was terminated. Today I went to AT&T and as soon as I explained what had occurred I was told that it was a fraud. AT&T will never call you for a promotion and will never ask for information over the phone. In fact no such promotion exists, and my rate was as cheap as I could get it. Any promotion that AT&T would offer INCLUDES a contract priod.

Jim Silvers

• • • • •


May 11th

The message from Dave Bartholomew below is in reference to the following message in green text from Bruce Hodgin that appeared in last week's Mail Call column...

~ ~ ~

I see (POA President) Jim Unland's point about politicians, and it might have a double benefit. Lying politicians would be fired and we would not have to hear from non-lying politicians because for the most part, if you see their lips moving…well, you know the rest. A little tongue-in-cheek with more truth than we would like, i.e. "If you like your present health care plan you can keep your present health care plan" and my favorite, "I did not have sex with that woman," eh Miss Lewinsky."

~ ~ ~


"The people of the United States and our friends and allies will not live at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder." The Senate committee found that many of the administration's pre-war statements about Iraqi WMD were not supported by the underlying intelligence.

And..."Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the Battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed. And now our coalition is engaged in securing and reconstructing that country. In this battle, we have fought for the cause of liberty, and for the peace of the world."

And since the "Mission Accomplished" quote on 5/1/03, 3,424 lives were lost in combat operations in Iraq. The total is 4,489 plus an estimated 1.4 million Iraqis who lost their lives to this tragic war. And let us not forget our wounded veterans either, officially at 32,021 but estimated at 100,000. The information they relied on to make their decision was a pack of lies fabricated by Bush and Cheney and their group of war mongers.

Dave (Bartholomew)

When I asked for and received the green light from Dave to include his message in response to Bruce's, I made it clear that I would feel compelled to point out that Nancy Pelosi and other key Democrats were privy to the same intelligence info as President Bush and his staff. Wrong that the info may have been, Pelosi and her minions also signed off on Iraq.

On a less controversial topic, Dave also sent in a message about his "new hobby." Let's hope that what happened to Flight 370 doesn't happen to him.

Hi again,

One of the reasons I have been preoccupied is that I have started a new hobby  of flying a powered parachute. I have been researching them for about a year and finally purchased one.

Two weeks ago, I went up to a little private airport outside Hubbard, Oregon and took a three-day course on how to fly a powered parachute. I received my sport pilot student license and certification to fly my new Sixchuter Powered Parachute.

Later this summer I am going to take it down to Arizona where I will fly it and store it. The places to fly it up here in Oregon are limited and I will get much more pleasure out of it down there.


The retired cop-turned-aviator posted a couple of very short videos of his new toy on YouTube. They can be seen here...

Link 1
Link 2


• • • • •


May 14th


To learn how you can support Gloria's Skydive to raise awareness and funding for ALS research, please
click here. She scares me to death every time she takes to the air, but she enjoys it and it's for an excellent cause Please feel free to share this information with others.

Thanks to all,

Don and Gloria Hale

• • • • •



May 9th


I removed Richard's badge from his shirt at San Jose Hospital E.R. the night of the murder. The badge (#47) shown in your story is that badge. As I recall, Richard's badge was presented to his wife. They were estranged at the time. What a shame it has now ended up for sale. So much for memories.

(Norton) <ponorton2008@gmail.com>

I replied to Phil's message and asked if he had a problem with his letter appearing the Mail Call column. For those of you with failing memories or are otherwise unaware, Phil was POA President the night Richard was shot and killed. This was his reply:

Go ahead. I'm trying to recall how long I had the badge. I know I met in Executive Session with the City Council to plead with them to instruct their negotiators to settle our contract. The negotiations had gone on for months and the anger and bitterness by the members was at a fever pitch. I had been given sole authority to call a strike, which was literally at the threshold when Richard was murdered. I pleaded with the Council because I knew that a strike would lead to violence given the emotion following Richard's murder. I displayed Richard's badge at the meeting and was later accused of having thrown it at them, but that was not true. Thereafter I believe I booked the badge in as evidence. The contract was settled and the POA made plans for the funeral details and reception.

I recall going to see Richard's wife and mother that morning in the company of a Catholic priest from St. Patrick's Church to notify them of Richard's death and offer any assistance needed from the POA. Times were different then. The POA assumed a lot of responsibility for handling the support of the family as there was very little protocol from the Department at the time. I think Bob Moir could recall more details as he was heavily involved in the planning of the funeral and its execution.

I wish I could recall more, but it's been almost 44 years since that awful night.


As it turns out, the badge for sale on eBay may not have been Richard's despite it having the same number and design. Read on…

• • • • • 

May 10th

Hi Bill,

I sent an email to the person selling badge 47 on eBay, and this was the person's response: "I have been assured by a member of Officer Huerta's family that they are in possession of his original badge."


• • • • • 

May 11th

Hey Bill,

My computer has been burning up about the sale of Rich Huerta's badge. After I received a heads up from Jack Baxter, I got in touch with Rich's daughter through her aunt and confirmed that has his original badge in her possession. I fired off an email to the eBay seller first, and she has now been contacting me and begging me to call the hounds off as she said she has been getting threatening emails. I don't care about that, but I tried to get her to sell it to me. I also placed a bid on the badge, which is up to $900.00 and still gonna climb I suspect. Hope another copper is bidding on it as I can't believe that some civilian is willing to spend that kind of money. I can't afford it past $500.00 so guess I am out of the loop. The seller claims she bought it from an antique dealer in Petaluma. Baxter told me that John Carr Jr told him they suspect that badge is from the 50's due to the design of the clasp, and since Rich's badge is accounted for, then a retired cop from back then may have been given the badge and the number was put on a new badge which was issued to Rich. Hope that is the case, but it is confirmed that Rich's badge is accounted for.

Jaime Saldivar #1805

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Also from Jaime, but later in the day... 

May 11th

Well I guess our furor sent the bidding up. I was bidding on it and kept getting knocked out by an auto bidder. Just got a call from the auto bidder who is Steve Erling, one of Richard's former students. He has written letters to the parole board (when Thompson comes up for parole) and has kept contact with Richard's family. His auto bid was up to 900.00. I figured we were bidding against other cops or such. Anyway thanks for the info. The seller is concerned that she is going to get visited by one of us some dark and lonely night. (She should have just let me buy it outright like I asked her. Oh well.) This looks like a good story for the Vanguard and for the City Council to read to let them know that our memories are long and that we are united.

Thanks guys,

Jaime Saldivar

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Because of its length, you will want to scroll down past the rest of the Mail Call column if you have no further interest in what was first thought to be Richard Huerta's original badge. For those of you who still are interested in the story of Badge 47, what follows is the running dialog that appeared on Ivan Comelli's VSJP (Vintage San Jose Police Facebook page). It begins on May 6th with a posting that was first to notify members of the VSJP group that Badge 47 had become available on eBay…

By Mark McIninch on May 6th: Ivan, I don' t think we ever met, but I was SJPD from '82 to '09. One of routine eBay searches is San Jose PD, and today, a listing for this badge came up as an auction. I remember seeing photos from Richard Huerta's funeral with a big wreath in the background with this badge number. I'm trying to figure out if this eBay item is really Richard Huerta's badge, and what I should do if it is. What do you think about posting this on your Facebook site?

By Ivano Franco Comelli on May 6th: It certainly looks authentic. Maybe some of our VSJP Followers know something about the happening of Richard Huerta's badge after his death. I presumed that it went to a family member.

By Ivano Franco Comelli on May 6th: Hey Bill Mattos: Could you please put this in the "Farsider." Maybe some of Richards's friends who do not do FB know something about this. Thanks.

By Chris Jolliff on May 6th: I spoke with John Carr Jr last night. He had a list that showed it was issued to Ofc. Otter in the early 40s originally if that helps.

By Ivano Franco Comelli on May 6th: Thanks, Chris Jolliff. I believe VSJP Officer (later Captain) Larry Otter came on the Department in the mid-1950s. As you probably already know, badges did not stay with original owners once they were promoted or retired. Larry might have already been a Sergeant when Richard Huerta came on board in the mid 1960s, so he may have not inherited Badge 47 directly from Larry Otter.

By Jack Baxter on May 65th: We need someone who has a badge in that number range to see if it's from the manufacture mentioned. Mine was 261 but it was made by a different company. If it's authentic perhaps the POA can by it since it's special.
By Joe Wicker on May 6th: If it's authentic, it needs to come back to the department or to Richard's heirs. I would be curious to find out how it ended up on eBay.

By Chris Jolliff on May 6th: You'd be surprised. I have been collecting badges since I got hired here. The old badges I have purchased have come from dealers and collectors as far away as England and Latvia. They get traded, sold in estate sales, etc.

By Mark McIninch on May 6th: Wasn't Jaime Saldivar Richard's cousin? If it wasn't Jaime, I know someone around that seniority was. I don't see Jaime on facebook, does anyone have a way to contact him?

By Jack Baxter on May 6th: It was Jaime.

By Jack Baxter on May 6th: I just sent a note to Saldivar with a copy of the eBay post to see what he knows.
By Craig Shuey on May 6th: Mark, buy it.

By Jack Baxter on May 6th: I see it's jumped $100. in just an hour. I don't know if one of our guys is bidding. I've seen these things go for well over $1000 with four days left.

By Larry Maggio on May 6th: It does have the "C" type of clip on it. What year did they stop using that type of clip and start using the clasp?

By Edward Marini on May 6th: This badge is up to $255.

By Ivano Franco Comelli on May 6th: I guess we spilled the beans Mark McIninch. Now that the history of the Badge is out there and can be readily documented it should go for a hefty price.

By Mark McIninch on May 6th: Six more days left on the auction. The seller doesn't mention it's history on the listing. Lots of people wouldn't hesitate to exploit that. I looked at Richard's portrait in the 2003 history book - which is the picture of him on the wall at PAB. It cuts off the bottom of the badge and badge number, but you can tell at least the style matches the eBay listing. There are a few other bad copies of that picture online, in which all his badge is visible, but not readable. A look at the full-size portrait should be pretty definitive. He's wearing his hat, and the hat piece has the number "47" clearly visible.

By Joe Wicker on May 6th: She (the seller) mentions the history of the old style badges and the changeover to the four-digit numbering system in 1976 when McNamara came on board. She did do her research, but mentions nothing about the significance of this particular badge. Is someone here bidding on it?

By Joe Wicker on May 6th: I'm sure she doesn't know the history personally. If she should find out, she would jack up the price.

By Becky Fechter on May 6th: My dad, William E Anderson, served with Richard and his badge is 97. He's looking for his badge right now to check who the manufacturer was.

By Becky Fechter on May 6th: Never mind, Dad just told me he had to turn in the original badge and the one he has now is a copy.

By Becky Fechter on May 6th: Richard was a good friend of ours. He came to Oregon to visit us just a few months before he was killed.

By Carlos Paredes on May 6th: I have my original badge and hat piece from my 1972 Academy: #240 on both and stamped Irvine & Jachens, SIFA or SIFI on the back. Found out it was Jim Smith's first badge. He wanted it back so bad. No dice, it is mine. Hope this helps a bit, brothers. Matched mine to the photo of Richards badge, looked real close.

By Mark McIninch on May 7th: My initial plan was to try and bid on this badge. I'll be watching it to see how the bidding goes. But, it's just been up for a day and it's already at $255. I know the bidding won't get serious until the last minutes, and it's still got five days to go. I suspect it's not going to be realistic for me to try to win it.

By Robert Russell Jones on May 7th: Someone has to be online with eBay during the last couple of minutes. If the current winning bid is close to or less than you'd be willing to pay, post a maximum bid. It will only increase the minimum, but if someone tries to outbid you at the end, it will increase your bid incrementally, and if they continue to bid it will increase until it reaches your max bid.

By Joe Wicker on May 7th: It's up to $300.

By Robert Russell Jones on May 7th: It would be nice to know which way the pin works. On our old badges, the pin was placed from the top down, not side to side.

By Ivano Franco Comelli on May 8th: San Jose PD just held its Fallen Officer Memorial Services. A reminder that I have posted photos of Fallen SJPD Officer Richard Eugene Huerta, Badge 47, Funeral and Memorial Services, Aug 8, 1970, on my LNostra-Costa Blog. To view, click on the following link:

By Jack Baxter on May 8th: I dug out my original badge #261. It was also made by Irvine & Jachens and says it's sterling. The pin is vertical but the clasp it like all the newer badge made today. The one shown in the picture looks nothing like this. The sale badge appears to have a significant groove over the top. Now going to $300.01.

By Larry Maggio on May 8th: Jack, I'm thinking that this badge was probably made before the 50's. Like Ivano mentioned, Cpt Larry Otter came on the Dept in the mid 50's. I would be curious if Richard's badge was made with the newer style clasp.
By Jack Baxter on May 8th: I just got an email from Jaime Saldivar who confirmed that Richard's badge is in the possession of his daughter. It does appear that the sale badge was the original issue and when the officer left the department he kept it and eventually it showed up on eBay. It is the older type and not the badge Richard was wearing at the time of his death. It's still available if anyone has the money.

By Jack Baxter on May 8th: Jaime Saldivar plans on bidding on the badge. He's trying to contact the seller to determine how they came into its possession. Good spot, we need to keep these things in the family.
By Larry Maggio on May 8th: Thanks for the update Jack. I'm glad to hear that Richard's daughter still has his badge in her possession. And yes, I fully agree, things like this need to stay within!

By Mark McIninch on May 8th: Hooray for that. Got pretty disturbed when I saw that badge on eBay. Glad that episode is over. Thanks, Jack.

By Jack Baxter on May 8th: Jaimie talked to her (the seller). She picked it up in an antique shop in Petaluma about 8 months ago. She knew nothing about it. He's trying the old sympathy ploy hoping she'll sell it to him.

By Chris Jolliff on May 8th: Good luck with that. They can lose their standing with eBay if they close a bid early when it's close to it's end without good reason.
By Larry Maggio on May 8th: I've noticed that the price has passed the $500 mark. Good luck to Jaimie.

By Chris Jolliff on May 9th: Normally I'd say that if this was his personal badge, it definitely should go back to the family, or to the PD for permanent display, etc. But if this is just the earlier issue of the same number, the auction should carry on to the highest bidder. I have a number of antique SJ badges, and I buy them for not only my personal collection, and to keep them in house, but also to ensure that when I pass on they will be willed to the department to preserve the history.

By Ivano Franco Comelli on May 9th: Thanks one and all for getting to the bottom of this. I'm glad Richard's daughter Leanne is in possession of it. I lost contact with Richard's kids (he also had a son, Richard Jr.). Would love to make contact with them again and make them a part of our VSJP-FB Group.

By Ivano Franco Comelli on May 9th: I noticed that Bill Mattos, editor-in-chief of the 'Farsider' placed the eBay information and link:
<http://tinyurl.com/nhyw4j2> in this week's edition of the newsletter. Thanks Bill. I also talked (via telephone) with VSJP Officer Craig Johnson, who stated that Historical Director John C. Carr Jr. is going to make an attempt to have the Badge removed from the Auction. Last I checked it is still for sale and the bid is up to $750. Again, please be advised this is not the same Badge that Fallen Officer Richard Huerta was wearing when he was shot and killed. That Badge is in the possession of Richard's daughter Leanne.
By Joe Wicker on May 10th: The bid is now up to $915

By Ivano Franco Comell on May 12th: To John C. Carr Jr. via Bill Mattos.
My phone and email is blowing up as well, everything Jaime said is correct. (Re: Jaime's message in the Mail Call column above.) My only concern is that this woman is fully aware of what this badge represents to our department, both in name and badge number, but her comment to me was, "If you want it so bad than you can bid on it." The current high bidder is an SJPD officer who has promised to donate it to the Historical Society to be included with Richard's photo. My only concern is that other officers have already bid the badge up past what would be a reasonable price to pay for it (top end would be $500), and that this woman is profiting off of our collective emotions and fury. So let all the boys know that one of us has the high bid, it is coming back to the department no matter what, and not to jump up the bids! We will be in contact with eBay as well regarding this listing. Thanks much for the heads up

By Ivano Franco Comelli on May 12th: Bill Mattos has also received other letters regarding Badge #47. He said he will publish them in this week's "Farsider."

By Ivano Franco Comelli via Craig Johnson on May 14th: Ivan, eBay finally pulled badge 47 from their listing sometime between 1400-1500 on 5-12-14. It took forever and numerous phone calls, but it happened. Thank you for all the members' concerns and emails to this gal, the Goody Goddess. She was into this for just the money.

By Ivano Franco Comelli on May 14th: Thanks Craig, and thanks to everyone for your concerted efforts. I had a feeling that this would all work out for the best.

By Joe Wicker on May 14th: And at least we know that Richard's original badge is with his daughter where it should be. The last bid I saw for the badge on eBay was $915.

By Jack Baxter on May 14th: Do I understand this correctly? The seller pulled the badge from eBay? Are they going to sell or donate the badge to SJPD?

By Ivano Franco Comelli on May 14th: Details unknown, Jack Baxter.

By Jack Baxter on May 14th: Perhaps Jaimie, the POA or Historical Society can offer to reimburse her for what she paid for the badge or she could donate it to one of our tax exempt organizations.

By Chris Jolliff on May 14th: I have negotiated a deal with her to bring the badge back home where it belongs....permanently. Hopefully I should have it in house within a week it so.


May 6-13

The White House released a massive report on the effects of climate change called the National Climate Assessment. Which beats its original title: “It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here.” Although the report might have more impact if they didn't release it RIGHT when the weather got nice.

Our friend Danica McKellar was sent home from “Dancing With the Stars” last night after having to dance with a broken rib, while I banged my knee on a table this morning and asked NBC if we could do a rerun.

The Supreme Court upheld a decision that allows town hall meetings to open with a prayer. But it probably won’t be answered because when God heard it was a town hall meeting, even HE went to sleep. “I think we need another Meineke in our town! I drive by and there’s cars on all four lifts.”

Here’s an update on our pal, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. In a new interview, Ford said that he’s enjoying rehab because it reminds him of the football camp he went to as a kid. Then the counselors said, "Actually, this IS a football camp. You wandered in here last night at 3 a.m." Please leave.”

Yeah, Rob Ford said he likes rehab because it reminds him of the football camp he went to as a kid. Then his parents were like, "Uh ... that was also rehab."

Here’s a crazy story. A woman was detained this week after she joined the mile-high club on a Virgin Air flight from London to Las Vegas. But the guy she was in there with was NOT detained on the flight. How typical. The guy gets off, but not the girl.

Today was the start of the NFL draft, right across the street at Radio City Music Hall, and 32 players were drafted in the first round. Well, actually, 31 — the Jets got confused and took one of the Rockettes.

It’s rumored that Katie Couric might return to the “Today” show for a few months to fill in for Savannah Guthrie when she goes on maternity leave. "Because where else could you find another co-host?" said Al, Natalie, Lester, Tamron, Willie, Carson, Dylan, Kathie Lee, and Hoda.

A new report shows that President Obama has visited 45 states during his time in office. When he heard that, Biden said, “Wow, he's been to ALL of 'em?"

A town in Texas just announced a controversial plan to recycle toilet water and use it for drinking water. Dogs said, “How are you only thinking of this now?”

The St. Louis Rams made history on Saturday by drafting Michael Sam, making him the first openly gay player in the NFL. Yep, an NFL player who’s never been with a woman — or as Tim Tebow put it, "Eh, it's been done."

Thursday is the deadline for Iran to meet a series of measures to delay its nuclear program. Then Iran said, “Do you mean ‘DEADLINE deadline’ or ‘Sign up for Obamacare deadline?'”

With their loss to the Braves yesterday, the Chicago Cubs became the third team in baseball history to lose 10,000 games. The poor Cubs. They can't even win a losing contest.

The Cubs are so bad that the last time they won a World Series, the team photo was an oil painting.

TMZ released a surveillance video of Beyoncé’s sister, Solange, hitting and kicking her husband Jay-Z in an elevator. It's embarrassing for Beyoncé, but it's the best-case scenario for when someone tells you, "Hey, a video just leaked online of your husband and your sister going at it."

Russia is threatening to punish Moldova after a Russian politician’s plane was briefly held while traveling in the country over the weekend. You can tell they’re pretty serious because this morning Putin sent Solange over there.

During his trip to the White House yesterday, Uruguay’s president said that more Americans should be bilingual. Then Joe Biden said, "Thanks, but I'm happily married."


A new report came out that calls Venezuela the most miserable country on earth. After hearing this, Kim Jung Un said, “What do I have to do? What do you want from me?”

A new airline will have a three-room suite and a private butler. This airline is called Not Southwest.

There's a new trend of people calling “Find My iPhone” to confront thieves who have stolen their iPhone. They use the app “Find My iPhone” to find the thief. And this explains the app called “Find My Stupid Friend Who Went After the Criminal Who Stole My iPhone.” Way to get murdered.

A Florida man went to court for the right to marry his laptop computer. He wants to marry his laptop. He said it’s just like a wife because whenever he brings it into bed, it freezes.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is in rehab, and he said it is amazing. Ford said, “I love it so much, I'm going to do this every year.”

In a biography Michael Jordan said that as a kid, he saw so much racism that he began to hate, quote, “all white people.” Jordan said he only started to feel compassion for white people after watching them play basketball.

A new report just came out. It found that more 19-year-old women are having sex but fewer of them are getting pregnant, which explains why today George Clooney broke off his engagement. He read that and said, “I got to get back out there!”

The stock price for whole foods has plummeted nearly 20 percent. Yeah, that’s a drop of $9, or the price of one grape at Whole Foods. It's $9 a grape now.

A new report says that global warming could cause Boston to end up completely underwater. Bostonians say, “We’re OK with that as long as it happens when the Yankees are in town.” They hate them that much.

A guy got a tattoo on his leg of the KFC Double Down sandwich. He wanted to do something he would regret even more than eating a KFC Double Down sandwich.

Kim Kardashian announced that she and Kanye are not yet married because they're working on their prenup. Apparently both sides are fighting over whether the marriage should last three months or four months.

The title for the new “Star Wars” movie is "Star Wars, Episode 7, The Ancient Fear." But that is not definite. Producers are still considering other titles, including “Episode 7, He Gets His Groove Back,” “Episode 7, 12 Years of Droid,” “Episode 7, Return of the Expensive Collectible Action Figure,” and “Episode 7, The Hangover, Part 4.”

The first openly gay player has been drafted by the NFL. If you saw it on ESPN, Michael Sam celebrated by kissing his boyfriend. This is historic. This is the first time anyone has celebrated being drafted by the St. Louis Rams.

Some NFL players actually criticized Michael Sam for kissing his boyfriend after getting drafted. Apparently NFL players aren't supposed to be in a gay relationship until they're sent to prison. Then it's fine.

Dr. Dre may become the world's first hip-hop billionaire. So maybe my mom was right. I should have become a doctor.

In Colorado a man was accidentally released from prison 90 years too soon. In a related story, everyone in Colorado is high.

Kim Kardashian's daughter has said her first word, "Da-da." Reportedly she's also been calling Bruce Jenner grandma.

IKEA announced it's going to turn its first store into a museum. It's going to be called the "Metropolitan museum of things that break after two years."

Carrie Fisher has reportedly lost 40 pounds for the upcoming "Star Wars" movie. And Chewbacca got a full Brazilian wax.

They held the first round of the NFL draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The NFL draft is the annual event that determines which quarterback will become the next celebrity spokesman for Papa John’s.

At 11:39, a magnitude 3.3 earthquake hit 10 miles outside of downtown LA. A 3.3 quake, to put it in LA terms, is somewhere between Mila Kunic tripping and Lindsay Lohan crashing on your front porch.

What must it be like to work at a rehab facility and you see Toronto Mayor Rob Ford walk through the door? I can imagine: red lights start flashing, a siren goes off, someone yells, "This is what we have been training for, people! Let's go!"

Mayor Ford told a reporter he is paying $100,000 for treatment. The reason we know this is because the mayor has been talking to the Toronto Sun. He told the reporter he got in trouble for talking to the press, so he did an interview on Wednesday to tell the reporter he was not supposed to have done an interview on Tuesday.

There's a guy on the Upper West Side in New York City who’s now the oldest man in the world. He is 111 years old. How about that? His medical expenses are fully covered by Coolidge Care.

The United States used to make all the steel for the world. But here's what we do now. In Chicago, a restaurant came up with something called a wonut: a combination waffle and donut. That's what we make. They've been working on it at the University of Chicago for years.

Guess who’s back? Monica Lewinsky. She did an interview in the upcoming Vanity Fair. This is big news … in 1998. If you are happy that Monica Lewinsky is back in the news that means you're probably an aging writer because it was the golden age of comedy, ladies and gentlemen.

The legacy, the legend, the Yankees’ Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer in all of baseball, has retired, and they named a street after him. Got a call today from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Since I announced my retirement they’ve named a dumpster on Ninth Avenue after me. So go on by!

How about this weather, ladies and gentlemen. It's 81 and cloudy, just like Donald Sterling.

I think you all know this by now. Donald Sterling is the NBA's first openly bigoted owner.

Donald Sterling did an interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN. The interview was conducted at Sterling's sprawling Triple-K ranch.

They are reopening the Washington monument. The thing has been shut down for the last two years — like the Obama administration.

According to a new survey, Europeans drink more than anyone else in the world. When I heard that I said to myself: Can't we do anything anymore?

Some studies conclude that eating dark chocolate and drinking red wine will prolong your life. Well, it turns out that's not true. The new study was conducted by the New Haven Institute of Buzz Kill.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting married. I try to go to all of her weddings.

What Kim Kardashian can do is use the flowers from the last wedding. They should still be fresh.

It's a great day for Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted by the NFL. But the struggle isn't over. We still face other challenges. We still have to get a straight guy a job on Broadway. That has to happen next.

It was so hot that Clippers owner Donald Sterling went to a Magic Johnson theater for the air conditioning.

It was so hot that David Hasselhoff ate a fudgesicle off the floor.

Piers Morgan and Larry King have been getting into a nasty war of words. They are fighting with each other. It's the first time Larry's taken shots at the British since the Revolutionary War.

Today is National Tourist Appreciation Day. And speaking for all New Yorkers, I’d just like to say, we would appreciate it if you would get the hell out of the way.

Medical officials across the nation are reporting that more baristas are complaining about wrist-related injuries they get from making drinks. So much for the tough-guy image of baristas.

The 2015 US Open for Bowling has been canceled due to a lack of interest from sponsors. And spectators. And bowlers.

A new survey in Britain shows that one out of six people would have sex with a robot. While five out of six people don’t like how you’re looking at that Roomba.

The Los Angeles District Attorney is now investigating Donald Sterling’s mistress after she allegedly threatened to release more audio recordings in order to blackmail him. Sterling is very upset because he prefers to be whitemailed.

Richard Branson has announced plans to develop a new type of plane that could fly from New York to Tokyo in one hour. Apparently the engines are powered by human screams.

This week, Pittsburgh window cleaners dressed up like superheroes in order to cheer up patients at a children’s hospital — although it backfired because the kids were bummed out to learn that Batman spends his days cleaning windows.

Yesterday, a 6-foot-8 Brazilian woman married her longtime boyfriend, who’s 5-foot-4. The couple met at a park after the woman noticed her shoe was untied.

Ontario nutrition company CEN Biotech has announced plans to build the world’s largest and most efficient marijuana factory. Though I’d bet there isn’t a ton of competition for “most efficient marijuana factory.”

For the second time in three days, the White House has gone into lockdown after someone threw an object over the fence. Finally today, President Obama took away Joe Biden’s Frisbee.

An Icelandic chef has created several patés and desserts made of fly larvae. So if you were looking for a reason to go to Iceland, keep looking.

Sony has invented a new kind of cassette tape that could store 47 million songs. They estimate that they’ll be ready to demonstrate the new cassette for the public sometime in the year 2267 when it finishes rewinding.

Target and Doritos have paired up to market the Walking Taco, which is where you pour ground beef and cheese into a bag of crushed Doritos before eating it out of the bag. The Walking Taco was created when a man was taking out the garbage and thought, "Hey, I could eat this."

During his visit to the White House, the President of Uruguay lectured President Obama about the dangers of smoking. Then, when Obama said “Oh, I quit,” Hillary Clinton ran past him into the Oval Office.

The Chicago Cubs recorded their 10,000th loss over the weekend. And that’s just this season.

A recently discovered Norman Rockwell painting is expected to sell for more than $2 million at auction later this month. The painting is so valuable because it’s a rare self-portrait of Rockwell burning the American flag while kicking a dog.

New research suggests that people who are more ambitious will live longer. While people who are less ambitious will live longer with their parents.

A new study claims that 1 in 10 Americans no longer carry cash. They’re called English majors.



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If I could attend only one air show in the time I have left I would choose the Flying Legends air show in Duxford, Cambridgeshire in the UK. This is a trailer (preview) of what this year's show on July 12 and 13 will look like. (3 Mins.)

How can one ignore the Andrew Sisters at an air show featuring WW II War Birds? If this is your cup of English tea and you would like to see the original, uncut footage from last year's Flying Legends air show in its entirety, all you have to do is click here. (75 Mins.)


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For the price of a first-class round-trip airline ticket from SFO to Singapore you can probably buy your own Singapore Airlines A-380. Have a look at this huge model of the largest commercial passenger aircraft in the world. (8 Mins.)  


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Yes, the Singapore Airlines A-380 is nicely done, but this is the most amazing radio controlled aircraft we've ever seen. It's a replica of a European military transport built by Airbus. The A 400 M is so large and has so many features that it takes two "pilots" to fly it. It's equipped with multiple video cameras both inside and out with one looking through the front windshield behind the pilots. A squad of soldiers even parachute out the rear of the cargo bay after the rear door is lowered. For anyone who appreciates details and realism, this is the real deal. (6 Mins.)


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Sometimes it's not the size of your toy, but what you do with it that counts. When it comes to being in perfect control of an RC airplane equipped with an HD camera, few "pilots" can match this guy. In most cases you can see him on the ground as his plane zips by. (8 Mins.)


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This footage of a fatal wingsuit flight involving the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro is not for the faint of heart. View it at your own risk. (22 Secs.)


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Give this website a few moments to load and you will be exposed to an album of 79 historical photos dating back to World War I that you not seen before. At least that's our guess.


The 2800-year-old kiss


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Here's a short but clever ad for Mentos about a high school student who is late for class and demonstrates the right and the wrong way to enter the room. (33 Secs.)


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When this clip arrived a few days ago we immediately recognized it as one we had included in the past. (the Archives show it was in the July 11, 2011 Farsider.) But it is such an impressive engineering feat that we decided to present it again and dub it one of the most complicated and hard to assemble musical instruments we have ever seen. Watch as a wooden ball plays Bach in the middle of a forest. (3 Mins.)


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Last week's Farsider featured a couple of videos of some very talented young dancers. This is a clip of a 6- and 7-year-old Jewish dance team and their Salsa dance performance that is every bit as good as last week's performance. Click here. (2 Mins.)

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Here's a tip for you guys who are spending money on a gym membership. Why not save your dough and get into Shuffling? It's free, and you can do it anywhere. This guy with the white hair will show you how, although I prefer the example set by the guy in the back with the maroon shirt and the black hat. (1 Miin.)


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Do you know the difference between the Internet and the Web? This guy who calls himself Vsauce may look and sound a little strange, but he explains the difference in an uncomplicated way that anyone with an iQ above 80 should be able to understand. Go ahead, educate your about something you spend X number of hours a week using by clicking here. (11 Mins.)


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How big is the moon really? That's the title of this short video that may surprise you with some of the facts about our moon. (2 Mins.)


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Speaking of learning new things, would you believe that the bolted cover in the pic below leads to the deepest hole in the world? True. Click on this link and see what we have learned from it. (4 Mins.)


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The Turks have created a number of creative TV and Internet ads to promote Turkish Airlines. This one that was released on the Internet a couple of weeks ago is one of the Turks' more creative efforts. (2 mins.)


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This is another well produced video that condenses down to 3 minutes 600 days and 126,000 miles on five motorcycles on a trip around the world. And it has an excellent sound track to boot. We recommend you give it a look. (3 Mins.)


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Capturing this Rube Goldberg item on video is probably as challenging as it is building the display in the first place. We enjoy things like this because it shows there are other people in the world who don't have a life. (1 Miin.)


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Never underestimate the ingenuity of returning military personnel from overseas. This link will show you why. (2 Mins.)


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If you missed this video titled "The Power of Words" when we ran it over three years ago, you have another opportunity. We think you will find it a couple of minutes well spent. (2 Mins.)


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This was our choice for this week's closer. Nothing else came close. It's a heartwarming story about a little tyke who was a huge fan of Wrestlemania and melted the hearts of the stars of the pro wrestlers. Only those with a heart of stone will choose not to watch this video about "Connor the Crusher." (5 Mins.)


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