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March 21, 2019

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Please join us as we celebrate the life of Bill Mattos


Saturday, March 23rd at 12:00 Noon

San Jose Police Officers Association
1151 N 4th St San Jose CA 95112.


Badge 1448
Born January 26, 1944
Appointed September 1, 1970
Retired January 4, 2001
Died March 10, 2019


Celebration of Life

Typical of our dear meticulous and generous friend he insisted that we see him off with a feast
of all feasts. Come hungry, there will be prime rib, salmon, shrimp, salads and more.


In lieu of flowers, Bill's favorite charities are
The San Jose Police Chaplaincy and the Salvation Army.

I can only imagine that by now, God, His Angels and a whole lot of our
deceased brothers and sisters  are reading their first issue of “The Heavensider
and Editor Bill is busy researching the next edition.






Badge 2456
Born May 17, 1954 (Portland, OR)
Appointed December 9, 1984
Retired January 23, 2010
Died March 13, 2019

Varsity Hockey Coach at Bishop Kelly High School - Be the Change
Former Peace Officer at San Jose Police Department

Former Peace Officer at Monterey Police Department
Former Police Officer Academy at Gavilan

Former Supervisor of Professional Ski Patrol at Mt. Ashland Ski Area



I woke up to this news this morning and still can't believe it. Both of our hockey teams were in Sun Valley this past weekend for the Idaho state championships. For those who didn't keep up with him recently, I thought I'd add a little about the great contributions that Wil made to his adopted community. Wil was the coach of a local private high school's hockey team. He spent many hours this year turning them into a competitive team, even though his son wasn't on the team. He also coached his 8th grade son's hockey team. In addition to that, he was the director of the entire youth hockey program for the Treasure Valley. Under his direction, the program expanded and now includes hundreds of kids. As if that wasn't enough, Wil also recently accepted a part time job with USA Hockey as the Idaho representative. Years ago Wil started a monthly lunch group that he unofficially called the association of retired California law enforcement officers. I remember going to one of the early monthly lunches and there were only four of us. The group is now called Code321 (code three to code1), has a FB page, and consists of close to 140 officers. Due to it's size, Wil decided to start using it for philanthropic purposes. He encouraged members to participate in a golf tournament that raised money for law enforcement causes, help out with the local Special Olympics, and do fund raising for a local agency's Baker to Vegas team. We're working on keeping that going to preserve his legacy



Date: Saturday, March 30th, 2019
Time: 11am (Lunch immediately following)
Location: "The Pursuit Church", 6151 N. Discovery Way, 
Boise, ID 83713

[Note: This memorial is IN ADDITION to the one being held by his family at their home in Eagle later on the same date. The one being held at the home will be a smaller and more private memorial for family and family friends.]

For those not attending, in lieu of sending flowers, it is requested that you make donations in Wil's memory to the "Idaho Ice World - Hockey Programs" (7072 S. Eisenman Rd, Boise, ID 83716). This was Wil's passion and donations will go towards purchasing equipment for youth just starting out in the program.

For those attending, we are welcoming any donations towards the cost of the memorial and will have a donation box available. This is being paid for out-of-pocket by his friends in Idaho. Any extra monies will be donated to the youth hockey program.

Also for anyone attending, we will have a table set up for photographs. If you have any photos of Wil from work, hockey, or wherever, feel free to bring them and display them. Just be sure to write your name on the back and retrieve it at the end of the event.

Thank you all for your outpouring of support. Wil would be happy.


Ex-Sheriff's Clerk Sentenced To 1 Day In Prison For Tipping Off Gang About Raid HERE


Two Officers Cleared In Jury Trial, Then Chief Fires Them Anyway HERE


Wounded Deputy Gets Blocked By Sheriff On Social Media, So Now He's Suing HERE



VIDEO: Man Pistol-Whips 3 People After Parade, Media Falsely Reports He's A Cop VIDEO HERE






I’ve learned there are many people that were unaware of the current push for DMV to create a special interest license
 plate for the benefit of the California Police Memorial.  DMV requires a minimum number of 7,500 signed interest
petitions to authorize the issuance of a new special interest license plate.  Currently this “Drive to Remember” fallen
 law enforcement officers has reached 87% of the required 7,500 goal and there are only 62 days remaining to
collect the remainder of the interest petitions.


Please consider going to the following website and submit your name supporting the creation of this special interest plate. 
This is only to show support for the new plate and by submitting your name and email address you are under no obligation
to actually purchase a new license plate.  If you do obtain one of these license plates in the future, all of the special interest
annual registration fees will be given directly to the California Police Officers Memorial Foundation and is tax deductible.


Share this information with friends and family so others can help show their support for those who gave their all. And yes,
I've signed up! It's quick and painless.







How long did it take this lady to traing her dog to do THIS?



BILL MATTOS: Hope for Paws is the animal rescue organization I have chosen to support.

The videos below are a small sampling of the many rescue videos by Hope for Paws that I have introduced my readers to over the past couple of years. Just as Kayla is very supportive of Best Friends, Hope for Paws is the animal rescue organization I have chosen to support. I have been publishing 3 or 4 of the rescue videos each week for the past eighteen months or so in an attempt to catch up with those I have missed in past years. Now that I have finally caught up, I will now be publishing the one or two  stories each week that Hope for Paws posts on YouTube. A few dozen of my readers have written to say they are regular contributors to Hope for Paws because of the videos I have published, and I’m sure there are others. I would estimate that 95 percent of the rescues involve dogs, but other animals are rescued as well. Here are a few I copied from the Hope for Paws YouTube channel that you may want to look at when you have some spare time. They are all quite short...












Bunny Rabbit









7 year old Malea Emma sings the National Anthem for American Idol judges HERE


Most Adults Can't Pass This Basic 2nd Grade Test. Can You? CLICK HERE



Do You Know All This Vintage Slang? HERE




Bolas Spider

A very funny spider story, if you like funny spiders! Click HERE

Bolas Spider.jpg




I was talking to a young woman in the VFW last night. She said, "If you lost a few pounds, had a shave and
got your hair cut, you'd look all right.”; I said, “If I did that, I'd be talking to your friends over
there instead of you.”;Cost me a fat lip, but...When you’re over seventy.............who cares? 


ATTN: Bernie Sanders and all his millenials!





Back in the Old Days

by: Robert Moir


In 1975 a tradjety occurred to the SJPD family that has remained untold....except for maybe a  dozen  or so officers being aware of  the following scenario.  Around 2300 hrs...11PM.... to you newbys...when it was dark and cold outside , it was the "custom" of two field lieutenants to double up and cover the entire city from one init, monitoring both the green and blue channels, responding to calls that needed multipul unit responses or backup fill units.  Around 2300 hrs radio requested Unit 6300 to call; the Sheriff's Complaint desk.  A call was made from the callbox on Saratoga Ave to the SO and the deputy at the SO advised that a command officer from out Dept had drowned.  The deputy stated it was a deputy chief had passed away at his residence.  He gave the last name of Donald..Which one...was we have two Donalds.  One an Asst Chief  (Ross) and one a Deputy Chief (Howard).   The Sheriff  was unaware so he was questioned whether the event occurred near Blossom Hill Rd...home of the Deputy Chief (Howard) or in the east foothills off White Rd home of Asst Chief (Ross.)  The deputy responded it was in the east it was the home of Asst Chief Ross Donald.   So  the two man   lieutenant car left Saratoga Strawberry Park and proceed 280 to 680 to Jackson to Story to White Rd and down to the high school then left up into the foothills.  (Smart cops always knew where the brass lived....for obvious reasons)  Upon arrival at the residence a county squad firetruck was loading their equipment in front of the house.  Both officers entered the house and found Peggy Donald, a longtime and popular police employee and her brother retired Sgt Bob Silfvast in the kitchen.  Over  freshly brewed  coffee discussions ensued about the evenings events up to the scene when Ross went to the large heated and lighted pool just off the patio and went in for a "dip".   When he didn't return Peggy....who had already retired... went out to check on her husband and found him submerged in the deep end of the pool.   She immediately called the fire/rescue and her brother, who lived three blocks away.  (NOTE  Her brother had built a house immediately behind Ross and Peggy...for those still around to remember...but due to a divorce had moved three blocks away at the time.)   Both the Lieutenants and Peggy and Bob responded to the pool, and in the deep end of the lighted/heated pool was a human torso.  Inside the house, a quick change from uniform to swim trunks and a jump into the pool.  The body was floated to the surface of the pool and Lt Pulliam and Sgt Silfvast lifted the body to the surrounding area of the pool....with a boost from below by the other Lieutenant.  It was respectfully covered...awaiting the arrival of the coronor.  (As a sidenote:  both Pulliam and Moir had driven ambulance here in San Jose prior to entry to  police service and had NEVER  seen the victim of  a drowning/heart attack  be left unrecovered in the bottom of a pool'  NEVER)    The  only additional negative was a bug/critter sting to the eye area sustained while unerwater retrieving Ross'remains, due to the lights in the pool attracting bugs/critters'  Needless to say Peggy and Pulliam and Moir developed a "bond" due to the actions that evening....that lasted until  Peggys passing years later.

           That is one of the "untold" stories of our police Dept.





James (Jim) LeRoy, SJPD 1967. He's my dad, who isn't on FB. He was a policeman until 1985 or 1986.
He was also a Narc and on the Homicide Unit too.




"It was taken Oct. 1988.  George Bush Sr. had spent the night in the Fairmont Hotel downtown
 and was about to depart SJC.  He was VP at the time and running for President against Michael Dukakis. 
 Officers are (top to bottom) Karl Pringle, Ron Webster, Mike Nichols, Gary Kimball, Craig Clifton and Bob Lobach."




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RIP Bill Mattos, Editor extraordinaire



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