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Jan. 28, 2017

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Dean Cates, Badge 1554
1983 Commemorative Album Photo

By Noe Longoria

I received word from former San Jose PD Reserve Officer Stan Baroff, and confirmed by retired Officer Phil Pitts, that vintage San Jose PD Officer Dean Cates, #1554 passed away yesterday, 1/27/17, in Quarterlane, Idaho.

According to Phil, Dean's best friend and former roommate when they were young bucks on the PD, Dean was 72 years old. They spoke twice a week until recently when Dean's health took a turn for the worst. He had been battling several health issues, but it was liver failure that caused his passing.

Dean left the Department in 1986 and was co-owner of Calzada & Cates, a backgrounds investigation firm. He hired several San Jose Cops for part-time work as background investigators, myself included. I knew him at the PD, but got to know him better when I worked for him.

While Phil has better stories than me (which he refuses to share publicly), those of us who had the pleasure of knowing Dean all came to love his sense of humor and jovial personality. He was a straight shooter, always kept his promises, and never administered a beat-down that wasn't deserved. Truly an old school cop.

There have been many colorful personalities that have walked thru the doors of the PAB and sat in Briefing over the years, and Dean was one of them.

For you younger officers reading this, you may have no reference point of what I speak of. Just know that thirty years goes by in a flash. And when one generation is gone, the next generation moves up (or down) the ladder. Cherish your friendships and experiences on the PD because it does end. As our generation begins to fade, one by one, those left behind are left with only the memories. Above all, try to leave the place better than you found it. Because the San Jose Police Department is an institution. The faces change, but the mission continues forward.

Services for Dean (if any) will be announced at a later time. Phil is in contact with Dean's family and will get that information out as soon as it is received.

Be Blessed My Friends.